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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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Write my research paper
1. Read the following articles and write short summaries (maximum 250 words per article). 2. Value them arguably (maximum 150 words per article).
DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF AN ALGORITHMa) Design an algorithm that solves an extension of the VRP. Some options are: VRP with time windows, heterogeneous VRP, multi-depot VRP, VRP with Pick-up and Deliveries, and Split Delivery VRP. Any high-level programming language can be used. Adapt, search, or generate the instances to validate your algorithm, and explain in detail the procedure followed.b)Consider that one or more of the inputs (demands, times, geographic locations, etc.) of your algorithm (in a)) are stochastic. Implement a simheuristic.c) Prepare a document/paper (maximum 2,000 words). The structure of the document should be as follows:- Title- Introduction- Literature review- Proposed algorithm- Computational experiment and analysis of results- Conclusions and future workPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it